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Of the 36 independent brands + makers we carry, 34 are based in the USA and 17 are committed to making all or most of their collections right here in the states.

There are many reasons domestic manufacturing is integral to the slow fashion movement, from boosting local economies to stronger oversight on quality control, labor conditions, and being easier on the planet.

While we are proud of the work all of our brand partners do to create collections that don't lose sight of their impact on people or planet, we'd like to give an extra shout out to the independent small brands in our collection committed to prioritizing USA Made.

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Buying apparel made in the USA can have many benefits, including:
  • Quality control: American manufacturers are known for their quality control, and brands that produce locally have a better understanding of the conditions in which the clothing is made.
  • Economic benefits: Domestically sourced textiles can boost the American economy, and the industry can provide access to high-tech materials and innovation.
  • Sustainability: Shorter delivery times save time and money, and reduce the amount of energy used to import goods from overseas. Overseas shipping is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Better working conditions: Much like issues of quality control and pollution, American manufacturers are subject to stricter oversights and often have better insight into labor conditions at their factories, ensuring fair pay and safe working conditions. 
  • Environmental benefits: Buying American-made clothing can help reduce water pollution, carbon emissions, and waste due to stronger oversights on how resources are processed and utilized and an emphasis on local distribution.