Brands & Sourcing

How do you source your brands and products?
Where we find our brands and who we choose to work with is a complex matrix of ethos, style, connection, being literally and conceptually "small," and so much more. One of the big pieces of criteria used in our sourcing process is "Do we know this brand? Have we worn it? Can we stand behind it?"
Despite the many big players that dominate the fashion industry, it is encouraging and praiseworthy that there is no shortage of both emerging and established small brands committed to producing their collections in a slower and more responsible manner (trust us - we wish we could represent and carry them all!)
Here at FOLCLAND, we work with brands both mid-sized and small, but always independent. Some have been around for decades, others for just a few years. Some tell their stories through industry certifications, while others reflect their commitment to responsible manufacturing by letting their work and partnerships speak for themselves.
Here is our short-list of essential  criteria:
Independently owned & operated
Priority on female founded
Produces 4 or less collections per year
Small batch & made to order per season
Priority on Made in USA, Artisan Made, & Fair Trade
Uses primarily responsibly sourced, natural materials
Created with tradition: block printing, hand weaving, etc.
Sustainable certifications: GOTS, OKEO-Tex, BCI, etc.
Gives back <3
Can I learn more about the brands you currently carry?
Absolutely! Check out our brand directory here.