For Days

A revolutionary, fully circular fashion concept. For Days uses Global Organic Textile Standard ("GOTS") certified cotton and recycled textiles to produce quality, everyday basics in downtown Los Angeles. With a mission to reduce waste and rethink the finite life cycle of clothing, For Days has created a fully circular supply chain: all of their products are eligible for their "SWAP" program through which their gently (or harshly!) used pieces can be sent back to the company in exchange for credit or new product. “SWAP”ed products are up-cycled back into the system through their initiative to partner with and train manufacturers on creating yarns and fabrics from recycled textiles. Most of these up-cycled materials are used to make For Days items, while the surplus is passed on to other brands to encourage the use of recycled fabrics and reduce the demand for raw materials.

If you got your For Days from folcland and want to SWAP, get in touch! We’re happy to help you navigate the process.

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